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Propecia købes. Hair Loss Treatment Website Releases Hair Loss Solutions Book As a Free Download

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Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) August 25, 2011, the world’s most comprehensive website providing authoritative and unbiased consumer information about hair loss and it’s treatment, has published its first eBook and has made it available online as a free download. The Complete Guide to Solving Hair Loss is being offered to consumers who are hair loss sufferers as a straightforward resource to learn more about their own hair loss conditions before deciding on a treatment course.

“Solving hair loss isn’t a simple matter,” explains Michael Garcia, Spokesman for “Since solving hair loss can represent a significant investment in both time and money, the consumer must exercise due diligence in their investigation into why they are losing their hair and how to go about restoring it or replacing it. exists to educate consumers so that their search for a solution to their hair loss is worth their effort and ultimately ends with adding joy to their lives, not frustration.”

The Complete Guide to Solving Hair Loss is a comprehensive overview of all aspects of hair loss beginning with an explanation of why men and women lose their hair, whether due to aging, genetics, stress and more. The emotional impact of losing one’s hair is covered before an in-depth examination of all hair loss treatments ranging from hair transplant surgery and laser hair therapy to alternative hair loss treatments such as Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Hair regrowth therapy using medications such as Propecia and Rogaine are also discussed.

According to Spokesman Garcia, drawing the distinction between a hair loss treatment and a hair loss solution is one of the most important points to understand. “Our eBook makes a special point of discerning between hair loss treatments whereby an individual can grow back his or her hair and cosmetic hair loss solutions such as nonsurgical hair replacement like hair systems, hair extensions and wigs,” says Garcia. “While there are effective medical treatments for hair loss caused by stress or traction alopecia or iron deficiencies, there simply is no known cure for hereditary hair loss, such as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness or autoimmune diseases like Alopecia areata.”

The eBook, which further contains general information about proper nutrition as well as fashion and style hints – and a chapter on avoiding becoming a victim to scams – concludes by challenging the reader to take their time and to not make any decisions out of the inevitable desperation that often comes with losing one’s hair.

“In the end, we let the reader to know that they can choose to do nothing more than accept their hair loss gracefully, whether they are men or women,” says Garcia. “It’s the simplest, cheapest solution of all and our overall message to ‘feel good about yourself now, no matter what you do’ is at the very foundation of’s brand’s values. We’re not trying to sell anyone anything.”

The Complete Guide to Solving Hair Loss is the first in a series of five planned eBooks being published by as to help improve the overall lifestyles of those suffering from hair loss.

While the free eBook is comprehensive, it should be combined with our other free resource, our Hair Loss Concierge service, explains Garcia. After reading the eBook, the reader can consult, for free, with our expert Concierge who can assist them in finding a local, reputable expert to assist them with their particular hair loss condition.

The Complete Guide to Solving Hair Loss can be previewed and downloaded here:


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