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Propecia virkning på kvinder. Hair Loss Treatment Website to Provide “Hair Loss Concierge” Service

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) March 24, 2011, the most comprehensive online resource for unbiased consumer information and education concerning hair loss and its treatment, has announced a free online “Hair Loss Concierge” service. The service offers a level of personalized assistance for hair loss sufferers not unlike those provided by the concierge desk at high-end hotels.

According to Michael Garcia, spokesman for, the new concierge service is entirely client–or essentially, guest–centric. “We consider visitors to our website who come to us for help as our guests,” said Garcia. “We all recognize that due diligence is vital when seeking a provider of hair loss solutions, however, researching is daunting and time consuming. Our concierge draws from our extensive list of professional preferred providers contacts with local hair loss treatment providers throughout the world.”

Garcia stresses that’s new service was conceived “from our desire to help hair loss sufferers cut through the marketing and loaded language” from advertisers in the hair loss industry, as well as to directly assist those suffering from hair loss “not just to locate a hair loss treatment provider, but to find the right provider for the hair loss sufferer’s own unique hair loss condition.”

Beginning March 25, 2011, any visitor who signs up for the free service will be able to interact with a specially trained “hair loss concierge” by phone or email. The primary focus of the concierge service lies in nonsurgical hair loss solutions such as hair systems, cancer wigs, hair extensions and laser hair therapy, in addition to hair transplant surgery and clinical hair loss therapy involving FDA-approved medications such as Propecia and Minoxidil.

“Over the years we’ve thoroughly researched and documented those hair loss treatment providers who consistently achieve the best and most natural result when restoring a hair loss sufferer’s appearance through most any treatment mode,” explained Garcia. “Our guests, through our concierge, will essentially benefit from our current and expanding databases of consumer complaints, testimonials and more.” has aligned itself with a number of reputable hair loss treatment providers who are committed to providing solutions using the industry’s best practices, and who have committed to hours of education and training per year to stay current with advances in the technology and artistry of nonsurgical hair replacement. These preferred providers are required to comply with’s “Hair Loss Client’s Bill of Rights,” designed by to safeguard the rights of each client suffering from hair loss and seeking treatment.


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