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Propecia kopi. The Truth Behind Natural Hair Loss Products

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London, UK (PRWEB) February 18, 2009

Residents of the UK, and probably most other countries too, will find it difficult to get through a day without hearing, watching or reading something about hair loss. Newspapers, magazines and transport are bombarded with adverts for a number of different products, usually natural.

But what claims are these advertised hair loss products permitted to make? And are their claims accurate?

Well, one may notice that many of these products generally tend to say a lot more on their website than they do in their adverts. This is because advertising in newspapers or magazines, and especially the TV, is overlooked by strict advertising regulatory bodies. In the case of print, this is the Advertising Standards Authority and for TV it’s Clearcast. Unless these bodies see proof of any claims made in the adverts, they will not allow the claims to be published.

The internet is a different story; there are currently no strict regulations for what is said, so a hair loss product can claim on their website to be ‘proven’ when in fact they are not. Products can also make claims of exaggerated success rates when conclusive evidence for these success rates has in fact not been ascertained.

The Belgravia Centre’s team of hair loss experts has carried out extensive research on most of the well-known supplemental, natural products for hair loss.

“There are so many products out there that it’s almost impossible for a hair loss sufferer with no knowledge to know what actually works and what doesn’t,” said Jonny Harris, one of The Belgravia Centre’s directors and hair loss specialists. “Well the fact is, there have only been three products proven beyond doubt to prevent and reverse hair loss. These are Propecia, Minoxidil and the HairMax LaserComb and they have all been approved or cleared by the FDA. The FDA is the American medical regulatory body that overlooks clinical trials carried out for products and either approves or disapproves the product depending on the results with regard to effectiveness and safety. If a product hasn’t been approved by the FDA, there’s no proof that it works.”

“Despite this fact, a lot of products that have not been approved by the FDA make claims of proof behind their effectiveness – we come across this all the time. I have recently written a story on the Belgravia blog regarding a very well known product, Nourkrin, that claim to be proven for hair loss because they carried out a study at a university. The trial wasn’t controlled and following an examination of the study, we discovered that the 50 participants didn’t in fact seem to be experiencing hair loss in the first place. We’re not saying conclusively that the product doesn’t work, but just that it is far-fetched to claim that it is a proven hair loss product. We published detailed information of our findings for the Nourkrin study on our blog.”

“Procerin is another product with a similar story. Although the product does not seem to make claims of being ‘proven’ for hair loss, it does market itself as ‘effective in reversing hair loss in men’. Again, there is no firm evidence to support this claim. Procerin carried out their own clinical study which involved 21 subjects and results of the study were taken from a survey asking the participants of their opinions on the product after taking it for 6 months. There was no hair count taken before or after the study, so as you can see, the study was very vague, and I would not say this provides them with the grounds to state it is an effective hair loss product.”

Two other well-known natural products are Viviscal and Wellman Tricologic. Unlike the others, Tricologic is a product that doesn’t claim to prevent hair loss, but just maintain and improve the condition of the hair. Harris says that this is something most of these products are capable of doing.

“It’s likely that most of these products will have some benefit, but more for the health and vitality of the hair rather than hair loss prevention. Many contain useful vitamins and nutrients and there’s definitely no harm in taking a supplement for that purpose.”

“The biggest problem with this issue is that if somebody tries one of the unproven treatments to prevent hair loss and it doesn’t work, then they may try another, but at some point they might lose hope and give up. That’s why it’s my advice to always try one or more of the proven medications before using any of the natural hair loss products. Hair loss can be stopped and even reversed to some degree, but it needs to be caught early, so the later a person leaves it, the less likely it is going to be for them to be able to save their hair.”

The Belgravia Centre is a UK-based hair loss clinic and pharmacy that offers medically proven treatment combinations for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth. Their treatments are available through visiting their centre for a free consultation or alternatively completing an on-line form for their world-wide mail-order hair loss service.


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