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Hvad er Propecia. Lloydspharmacy Discovers it is Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow According to UK Men

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(PRWEB) January 20, 2009

New research released by Lloydspharmacy indicates that 70% of men believe that ‘Male pattern baldness’ cannot be prevented.

Male pattern baldness ( ) is the most common form of hair loss among men, and can start any time from when a man is in his twenties. The condition affects about 30% of men in their thirties, and is hereditary.

The survey also revealed that men feel that hair loss ( ) treatments are a waste of time, 75% of them do not believe treatments can halt or reverse hair loss while 87% of the men surveyed were not aware that there is a scientifically proven remedy for the condition.

However current evidence shows that in actual fact there is an effective treatment which can stimulate renewed hair growth in two thirds of sufferers so long as treatment begins at the right time.

The treatment, called Propecia, has just been made available online for the first time via Lloydspharmacy’s online doctor service ( ).

The treatment is available for

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