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Propecia apotek Danmark. Undercover Investigation Identifies UK’s Leading Hair Loss Clinic

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London, UK (PRWEB) December 19, 2008

Thinning hair is a worry for more than 50% of men and nearly as many women in the UK. But with so many options out there it’s difficult to find an effective solution without emptying your pockets time and time again.

A number of ‘hair loss agents’ were sent to well-known hair centres around London to obtain accurate information on the treatment programmes being offered by each and how much they cost. Each of the agents were experiencing the early stages of Male Pattern Hair Loss. The information was then comprised into a table describing exactly what was offered by each hair clinic and the price quoted during the consultation.

Most importantly, details of the efficacy of every treatment and service offered by each of the hair loss centres was also recorded. Research was carried out into each of the hair loss products to find out what they contain and the likelihood that they will aid in slowing down or preventing hair loss, and whether or not the products are likely to regrow hair.

It was found that most centres offer natural, but unproven products. The problem is, no natural treatment has been found to prevent or even slow down thinning hair, and none of these treatments have clinical evidence to show that they are effective to their cause. It seems these treatments are often more expensive than the medically proven treatments, which are offered by some of the other centres. There are only two treatments proven to prevent and reverse hair loss following rigorous clinical trials… these are Propecia (prescription only) and Minoxidil.

The rating system of the investigation consists of a number of factors. Firstly, which clinics offer the medically proven hair loss treatments. Secondly, the extra products and services offered by each centre. The facilities available and appearance of the centre is another factor and finally and perhaps most importantly, the cost.

So Who Came out on Top?

As you will see, the Belgravia Centre came out on top for all four of these categories. They are one of the only clinics that offer each of the medically proven hair loss treatments. Their doctor is able to prescribe these medications which can be collected there and then from Belgravia’s in-house pharmacy. Also included in the treatment programme was a free HairMax LaserComb, and hair growth boosters which are added to their minoxidil preparations. And Belgravia’s own natural hair supplement can be integrated into a treatment course – Hair Vitalics. This is is only advised by Belgravia as a booster to the ‘primary’ treatments and costs just

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